Shakespeare For Breakfast

CTHEshakI’m very pleased to announce that I’ve been comission to write and direct this year’s Shakespeare For Breakfast at Edinburgh Fringe 2014.

Shakespeare For Breakfast is a shows that’s been running at C Venues for 19 years. It’s always at 10am (every day during the Fringe) and audiences get some Shakespearean comedy with free croissants and coffee. It’s become something of a Fringe institution, selling out 250 seats a day every year.

They hire a different writer/director to create a show each year and I will be having a go for 2014. Think every single plot from Shakespeare combined, with a pun on every single famous quotation and you’ll get the sort of thing I’m going for.

The show will be on 30 July – 26 August at C Venues main space on Chambers Street. Click here for more info!

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