Around The World In 80 Days

Very excited to confirm I’ve been comissioned to write an adaptation of Jules Verne’s classic AROU-132Around The World In 80 Days for REC Young People’s Theatre, to be performed at this year’s Buxton Fringe.

I’ve got rather less than 80 days to write it as rehearsals start after Easter but it looks tremendous fun. The finished show will be premiering at the Pavilion Arts Centre, Buxton from 16-19 July 2014.

See the listing here

Time to start trying to trim down the cast of about 200 characters!

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3 thoughts on “Around The World In 80 Days

  1. Aidan Rhode (In the play I'm Fix)

    I was in ‘Around The World In 80 Days’ as the part of the devious detective Fix. I thoroughly enjoyed performing and the script is genius! I have actually read the original book and I liked that as well. I wonder what Tom Crawshaw will write for us at REC Youth Theatre Company next year!

    1. Tom Crawshaw Post author

      Hi Aidan,

      Glad you liked the show – and well done for your performance in it. It was great fun to write for you guys. I’ve now written two spoof kid’s shows and one adaptation for REC – what do you think I should write next?


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