The Act Of Union (reading) at Southwark Playhouse

This Monday (27 May) my latest play is having a prepared reading at Southwark Playhouse. There are a few spaces still available58383073_10102765435083089_1010998046932074496_n

a reading of The Act Of Union by Tom Crawshaw

Their love was pure, their love was beautiful… and it had the potential to destroy the foundation of Britain’s entire parliamentary system. A sparkling new comedy of sexual politics and political sex from the award-winning writer of Boris World King (“Nigh-on essential” Guardian, **** Times, **** Evening Standard).

Starring Mina Anwar (The Thin Blue Line, Everybody’s Talking About Jamie, Upstart Crow) as the Leader of the Opposition and Tony Bell (The Crown, Propeller, Shakespeare In Love) as The Prime Minister. With Ashlea Kaye and Danny Millar.

The opposition leader’s aide thinks a new relationship could hold the key to a poll boost and electoral victory. But a dating mix-up threatens to destroy her career, the Labour party, and the whole basis of Westminster party politics. As real-life politics becomes ever-more farcical, this new satirical political farce tackles the pitfalls of political collaboration and the polarisation of current Westminster ideology.

A free prepared reading for an invited audience.
Directed by Yaz Al-Shaater. Produced by Three’s Company.

Monday 27 May, 7:00pm, upstairs at Southwark Playhouse

Please RSVP to

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