The Act Of Union

Today saw the first table reading for my new play The Act Of Union. It’s a brand new satirical comedy of sexual politics and political sex. And I’m very pleased to have had a fantastic cast together to hear it come alive for the first time – including Mina Anwar (The Thin Blue Line, Upstart Crow, Everybody’s Talking About Jamie) and Michael Gould (Ian Rickson’s Hamlet at the Old Vic with Michael Sheen, In Extremis at Shakespeare’s Globe, Rogue One: A Star Wars Story)

Pictured below (l to r): Yaz Al-Shaater (directing), Michael Grady-Hall (Marcus), Mina Anwar (Leader of the Opposition), Jan Shepherd (stage directions), Michael Gould (Prime Minister) and Ashlea Kaye (Karin).20190221_161830

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